Party city. Historical city. Raunchy city

Ugly as hell. As beautiful as it gets. A non-stop rave. A center for fine arts. The Capital of Germany and a European metropolis, yet ‘poor but sexy’. Berlin is many things to many people.

Lucky for us, however, quite a few of those people are talented filmmakers. This film collection celebrates the best and worst of this great and terrible city. The wild West Berlin of the 1970s and 80s, a drug-heavy capital of hedonism and music, is depicted by well known films like Christiane F. - We Children of Bahnhof Zoo or the more recent B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin. But there are many other layers to this historic metropolis.

These films will give you an insight into Cold War Berlin & Berlin's post-unification techno scene in the 90s. You can explore the drama and comedy of LGBT Berlin, and find much else besides. 

Whether you live here, have visited, or plan to come soon: you’ll find some magical films to watch.

Das Dokudrama "Die Klasse – Berlin '61" erzählt in Interviews und aufwendig inszenierten Spielszenen die Geschichte einer "Ostklasse" in West-Berlin.
The documentary BERLINIZED describes this very Berlin-specific attitude in a reflection on and a journey to mid-1990s' Berlin
A character study of the German capital based on the stories that were and will be written there.
The Mauerpark, which is on the former borderline between East and West Berlin, overcomes social barriers and unites people from different backgrounds and origins.
Young Franz was left by his girl and is going around visiting luxury apartments as a potential buyer who is obviously not rich.
A self-proclaimed director goes to Berlin to make it big, but ends up in a racy shoot with a conceptual artist that turns into a creative wasp's nest.
Lotte is impulsive and leads a colourful life on the streets of Berlin, stumbling from man to man and flat to flat.
Oskar geht's nicht gut. Seine Ex-Freundin Alex hat seine Wohnung abgefackelt und nun gammelt er in einer schäbigen Kellerabsteige vor sich hin.