The great early films, newly restored

Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski, creator of such masterpieces as Dekalog and the Three Colors Trilogy, is unquestionably one of cinema’s greats. This collection gives a picture of him at the very beginning, when he was learning his trade in documentary film. In these early documentary shorts, Kieślowski examines the society around him as seen from below – showing the ordinary men & women that lived in it. Films like From a Night Porter’s Point of View and Seven Women of Different Ages are not only masterpieces of human observation, but also classics of world cinema.

Pantaflix brings these films collected together for the 1st time in their new, restored version… and we couldn’t be more excited to share them. 

Multifaceted portrait of Łódź, where Kieślowski studied at the film school
Forty-four selected Poles answer three questions…
The film reflect the state of mind, cares and problems of workers in the autumn of '71.
A portrait of a factory watchman, a fanatic about discipline and penalising transgressions.
A piercing monologue, the confession of a man who lost his job.
Impressions of the shooting of Kieślowski’s cinema debut, "The Scar".
Kieslowski shows the reality of hospital life in the seventies just as it was, no retouching.
The film is an endeavour to penetrate the experiences of people affected by tuberculosis.
Against the background of an international Workers’ Day march on 1st May, Józef Malesa, a bricklayer and ‘hero of socialist labour’ recalls his past.
An ironic and sarcastic look at the work of a funeral home.
A well-known driver, Ryszard Komornicki, readies himself for the 1971 Monte Carlo rally.
A cheerless picture of the daily reality of factory life.
A moving documentary, where a number of blind soliders talk about their fate.
An emotionless and offish portrait of the Warsaw Central Railway Station
More than a dozen scenes showing seven classical ballet dancers
The zealous committee members carry out a ‘vivisection’ on one of their comrades.
Truth Under an Authoritarian Regime