Contemporary Polish Theater on Film

The idea behind our TEATROTEKA collection is to shine a light on the very best of contemporary Polish theater and to bring to film the intimate, intense experience of work performed on the stage. WFDiF, based in Warsaw, produced this project with funding from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in order to give young and emerging playwrights the chance to have their work brought to an international audience. These plays give the viewer an insight into Polish society and culture that won’t be easily forgotten. 

The Woman In The Mirror

The play reflects upon taboos, the position of women in society, ageing, and the emotions that constantly force us to review our outlook on life.


The life of the family – mother, father and child – is depicted in a crooked mirror,with events that often border on the absurd.

White Dandelion

Film-school students Mateusz and Karolina are conducting a private investigation into a murder in the highland village of White Dandelion


Feinweinblein has the construction of a modern poem.

The Man Without A Face

The “man without a face” is the hero of this black comedy, Rafał, whose sole principle in life seems to be conforming to other people’s expectations and deceiving everyone around him.

The Mystery Shopper

A bitter comedy about a “mystery shopper” – a person hired by companies to check the quality of work performed by their employees.

The Crooked House

The main subject of the play is motherhood, considered in various aspects: wanted, unwanted, toxic, impossible.


Though a comedy, the play addresses the problems of artificial intelligence as well as the complex nature of human needs.

R&D Facility Solidarity

This is an epic drama, narrated by characters who do not engage in dialogue with one another.

Your Highness

The play was inspired by true events including the biography of Polish mountain climber Wanda Rutkiewicz.


The plot is inspired by the true story of the Miss HIV competition in Botswana.


The suitcase is empty. It’s all in the suitcase.


„Wherever you are, if you are, look at me”

Sugar Bra

“Sugar Bra” (“Cukier Stanik”) from the title is the family-owned corsetmaker shop, by Dawie Cukier.


The director of a small-town school that’s about to be closed calls a meeting in the teachers’ lounge, hoping to save the building where he’s been working for more than 40 years.


Maciek calls to mind one by one the most important events and people from his life, reviewing them as if in an old-fashioned stereoscope panorama.


Valentina is a lens in which so many stories come together. She is the soviet mother-goddess or perhaps the Mother of God.


Trash Story or a play about remembrance and oblivion, about the inability to forget, about memories which are difficult to come to terms with.

Soldier Boy

Two soldiers knock at the door of a mother who is waiting hopefully for her son’s return.


Jurek sets out on a journey to his hometown after several years away.