Bodo Wartke - Bei dir heute NachtPremium

To be with you tonight

Bodo Wartke - Bei dir heute Nacht
132 Min
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Each of Bodo Wartke’s last four show productions was recorded live. The new film „With you tonight“ offers a a new approach: the piano entertainer presents his first concert movie. What is special about this movie is that the audience is part of the complete evening. They do not only attend the concert itself, they are part of the whole scenery as this production is far more than a simple recording of the concert. The story already starts in the late afternoon before the concert. The perspectives of Bodo Wartke and of his audience melt. Based on the profound and humorous lyrics of his songs from his latest show „Was, wenn doch?“ ("What, if?") the film develops the story of an extraordinary concert night. The main part takes place in a created and over-dimensioned living room. The small audience is part of the intimate scenery. It is fascinating to observe their diverse reactions to what the artist performs on stage: each single person reacts in a very different and individual manner. The audience consists of 30 friends who are also actual friends of the artist – his role on stage and his real life blur. Again and again fictional scenes are added to the concert. It is part of the film production that not all of the songs take place in a usual concert situation. Physically and mentally the artist enters different places while performing his songs. This is how his lyrics and compositions become even more authentic despite the medial broadcast. The authenticity unfolds in the fictional space of the film narrative. At home, in front of the television, the audience experience an evening they couldn´t experience live in this manner. They see Bodo Wartke and his art in a way that is impossible to experience on stage. The borders between reality and fiction blur bit by bit like they always did and still do with the artist himself. Who is this person? The audience are getting closer and closer to him. They suspect that they are allowed to have a look into his soul, that they take part in his life and suddenly they are only actors in a scenery. But what is the difference?
Cast & Crew
Sven Schütze, Michael Vogelmann
Bodo Wartke, Sven Schütze
Bodo Wartke, Jenna Seedorf, Melanie Haupt, Florian Klein
Sven Schütze
Bodo Wartke