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Terezin: Resistance and Revival

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Hitler used their art, music and creative spirit in an attempt to hide the Holocaust. But in the end, he created a memorial to the very people he despised. This is their true story. Terezin to the Czechs. Theresienstadt to Germans. It was a Nazi concentration camp where some of the world's greatest musicians, composers, artists and theatre professionals continued to create despite the near certainty that they would be transported to Auschwitz. Indeed, the Nazis exploited their art as propaganda -- 'evidence,' they said, that refuted emerging allegations of a Holocaust. They even made a movie to glorify the lie. After World War II, the lives and work of these astonishing people were, for the most part, lost to history. All that began to change, however, with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the opening of the Czech Republic to the West. The long forgotten story of these people and their struggle is being rediscovered - in art museums, concert halls, school auditoriums and on the web. Survivors are talking - and a new generation is listening. The irony of this revival is that the art, music and theatre that Hitler used to help cover up the Final Solution is, today, a memorial to the very people he despised. Terezin: Resistance and Revival tells the inspiring story through the experiences of people who were there. Both survivors and those who left behind testimony to their experience, as well as those who, today, are determined to recall and preserve this incredible experience for generations to come.
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