11 Min
Age Rating:
Not rated
South Korea
Henri, an aristocrat living in an isolated mansion is restless, looking for what could be causing the strange phenomena that have surrounded him and his domain for his whole life. One evening, Jean, his butler, brings to him the old family doctor but Henri refused to be checked by him. The doctor insists when he sees a strange scar forming around Henri's hand, after which Henri immediately asks Jean to send him away. As Jean leads him out, Henri looks at his hand but the scar has disappeared. Meanwhile in the main hall, the doctor gives some medicine to Jean to administer to Henri. Later that night, Henri is drawn in his dreams to the door of the park leading to the stables. As he sees it closer the door opens by itself and a dark shadow comes out of it. He wakes up suddenly and heads out to check on that door. On his way out the same shadow creeps up behind him but he does not notice it. Later, as he opens the door he half expects to see what was in his dream but instead finds the butler, himself out to inspect some noise coming from the stables. He takes Henri back home and administers him the medicine the doctor gave him. On the next day, Henri tells Jean he was able to slept. After lunch he starts shaving himself but is interrupted when he sees a daunting reflection of himself in the mirror and decides to go inspect the stables this time. There he finds Colette, the head maid. As he speaks to her he hears Jean and the doctor entering the stables and he is taken aback when he realises they can’t see him. He turns back to the maid to ask her what is going on but her attitude speaks more than words. He is caught inside a nightmare and sees the three of them dying progressively and finds it impossible to move himself. Henri wakes up from this nightmare in his own dining room to the presence of the very doctor and butler. He can barely believe what he is seeing, even more so when he sees the scars on their faces are the same than the one he has on his own hands.
Cast & Crew
Gabriel Galand
Tristan Pelissier, Patrice Tepasso, Pierre Parquet, Reine Le Caer
Gabriel Galand