Five Minutes

HD FSK 16 Germany 2014 11 min





After being injured by a zombie, John isn’t sure whether he is infected or not. He has only Five Minutes to figure out his fate and save his daughter.


Maximilian Niemann


Felix Faißt


Kieran Bew, Hannah Chinn, Elena Trust, Vasko Scholz


Maximilian Niemann


Daniel Brenner


Christopher McKissick

Art Director

David Brenner, Philipp Mooren

Full description

After being injured during a fight with a zombie, John (40) isn’t sure whether he is infected or not. In case of an infection the virus will take control over the body within five minutes. The first symptom is always the loss of memory. So there is a test: As long as John can remember there is no virus eating up his brain. He has to ensure that he isn’t changing, to keep his daughter Mia (17) save. The zombies on the doorstep and his nervous daughter next door, he starts to remember – holding a gun at his head. An interactive version of the film is playable at!


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