Kingdom of crooked mirrors

HD Not rated Russia 1963 74 min




Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish

Olya meets her counterpart Yalo, while looking into the mirror. Olya is slowly learning to see herself differently.


Aleksandr Rou


Andrey Fayt, Georgi Millyar, Tatyana Barysheva, Anatoli Kubatsky, Olga Yukina, Tatyana Yukina, Tamara Nosova, Arkadi Tsinman, Lidiya Vertinskaya, Zoya Vasilkova


Lev Arkadyev

Full description

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors is a 1964 Soviet fairy tale film based on a story with the same name by Vitali Gubarev. Alice-type Soviet girl, named Olya meets her counterpart Yalo, while looking into the mirror. Yalo is an absolute antipode to Olya, for example where Olya is precise and neat, Yalo is absent-minded, careless, etc. The explicit plot relates to Olya learning to see herself differently, but this occurs through an experience in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors which serves as a mechanism for commenting on the ability of a society to manufacture a false reality.


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