HD Not rated Germany 2013 38 min





After the death of her husband, farmer Marta spirals into suppression and dissociation. Unable to cope, she grasps at what is left of him: his lover.


Arto Sebastian Buhmann


Jasper Mielke, Karoline Henkel


Olaf Burmeister, Ulrike Krumbiegel, Marco Albrecht, Cornelia Constanze Orlow, Christian A. Koch, Anja Schiffel, Jasper Meyer-Eggen


Jan Berning


Patrick Puszko


Simon Drescher

Full description

Marta (54) sometimes dreams. Sometimes, she thinks back and remembers the good times she had with her husband Wolfgang before they took over the farm. But the daily, hard work has to be done and it’s no use dreaming. The two live parallel lives and suppress the obvious problems regarding their relationship. One morning, when Wolfgang doesn’t come back from the stables, Marta’s orderly world falls apart. He’s suddenly lying there. Just like that. Bloody in the wet straw. She’s completely overwhelmed by his death, seems incapable of acting in any way. Frantically, she tries to keep her life together although there’s not much left. She gets sucked into a downwards spiral of suppression and dissociation, unable to escape it by herself. Only when the past powerfully surfaces she begins to accept the truth and does what has to be done.


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