The Autograph

Das Autogramm

SD FSK 16 Germany, France 1984 94 min





Political drama based on Osvaldo Soriano's novel "Cuarteles de Invierno".


Peter Lilienthal


Juan José Mosalini, Angel del Villar, Anna Larreta


Peter Lilienthal


Juan José Mosalini, Claus Bantzer


Michael Ballhaus

Full description

Bandoneon player Daniel Galvan and boxer Toni Rocha are invited from the capital of some Latin American country to Flores, a village in the province. They are supposed to perform as show acts at a fair, which was arranged to prove the bond between the military and community members. Though told to keep away from the people of Flores, boxer Toni Rocha and Ana, a lawyer's daughter, fall in love.


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