Timur i yego komanda

HD Not rated Russia 1940 76 min




English, Russian

A story about a young boy Timur and his team who are living in a small Moscow suburb during the years before WWII.


Aleksandr Razumnyj


Lev Potyomkin, Liviy Shchipachyov, Yekaterina Derevshchikova, Marina Kovalyova, Nikolai Annenkov, Pyotr Savin, P. Grokhovsky, Nikolay Kutuzov, Boris Yasen


Arkadi Gajdar


Lev Shvarts

Art Director

Ivan Stepanov, Pyotr Yermolov

Full description

Daughters of the Red Army Colonel Alexandrov, Zhenya (13) and Olga (18), come from Moscow to their dacha in a village and find themselves amidst strange night time activities. In an old barn Zhenya discovers the headquarters of some mysterious organization. She meets Timur, whose Squad – several dozens of well-organized boys – in a clandestine fashion perform charitable acts, helping families of the Army officers and soldiers, supporting elders and minors, fighting off the gang hooligans led by a boy named Kvakin. Timur's 'games' are causing much suspicion, on the part of Timur's uncle Georgy, among other people. In a decisive battle between the two gangs Timur and his boys win out.


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