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Temptation Of The Miracle Weaver

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105 min
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Father Gabriel Infante, a charismatic man of God, undergoes a test of his faithfulness, unaware that his immortal soul is at stake. Satan, father of lies, brings back Gabriel's high school girlfriend, Theresa Reynolds, who became a religious sister after disappearing from his life 20 years before. The boxing priest goes about his action-filled days preaching God's love, justice and forgiveness, healing the sick, converting sinners, expelling demons and even raising the dead. He falls in love again with Theresa and desires to marry her even if it means abandoning both of their ministries and renouncing their vows; they maintain their former relationship a secret from everyone around them. Linda Richards, a very attractive woman who dies accidentally electrocuted, is revived by the Miracle Weaver and then becomes quite interested in making the priest hers. Sister Theresa, first proposes hiring the revived, unemployed single mother at their parish school, and then has to contend with the unexpected rival for the mystic's attention. A gang member becomes possessed by the devil and is causing severe tribulation in the parish; Fr. Gabriel must confront the evil spirit in his young friend through an exorcism. When the two religious' passionate romance becomes unstoppable, they encounter an interesting character from their past, Barbara Williams, who sets up a seduction for the mystic in the privacy of her luxurious estate. The Miracle Weaver must decide between keeping his promises to God and realizing the love of his life.
Casting & Équipe
David Dacy, Timothy Birt, GiGi Erneta, Kimberley Bliquez
Roberto Rosas
Alex McCumba