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Perhaps she wanted to love. She could imagine very accurately what kind of man she wanted. She visualized him piece by piece. But what to do if you are already almost 30 and you’ve never met a perfect companion in real life! Her despair and insatiable desire led her to the pharmacy, and a silent pharmacist sold her illegally a seed. She planted the seed in the barrel and began to wait. With fear and curiosity. With a sinking heart and in disbelief. And the seed has sprouted up: He sprouted in the barrel, feeding with her care. It was still fragile, inexperienced sprout, but in the future — a perfect man of her expectations, created just for her, and he will be as she wants! He must be romantic, he must be sensitive, he must have the same interests, he must ……. It is not difficult to remember: he must do as she wants, eat what she said, enjoy what she allowed to, look only at her, touch only when she permits, live the life she’s chosen, and feel what she wants. And he must not resist: it is difficult to be rebellious, growing in a barrel. She had been waiting for the moment when he became completely grown up and freed from the barrel with impatience and excitement. And then they ... oh, how many timid fantasies on this subject they had. They had only to wait. Just a few seconds — and he will come out of the barrel. Just a few seconds — and her expected perfect happiness will happen, but … She just really wanted to love. Perfectly, like in dreams.
Casting & Équipe
Ksenia Bugrimova
Olga Grishina, Gleb Matsibora
Olga Havzhu, Anastasia Reznikova, Ksenia Bugrimova, Tala Onischuk
Yaroslav Odrin
Chef opérateur
Sergey Revutskyi