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Welcome to Pantaflix. Watch movies, series and TV shows for free, or rent current blockbusters in HD. Without registration. Without a subscription. With no obligations. You can stream international and German films, classic series and exclusive productions such as Little Women completely legally and free of charge. Your titles are available on-demand at any time on your smart TV, computer, tablet or smartphone.

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You have access to a huge TV show, series and film library with more than 12,000 titles. Whether it’s a comedy series, an independent film, documentary or kid’s film – you’ll always find the right thing to watch from our broad selection of genres.

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No Registration Needed

Pantaflix is easy and works instantly, no subscription or registration required. You can finally stream films and series episodes for free. Renting current Hollywood films and spectacular documentaries is also possible without registration on many devices.

Secure Payment Methods

Depending on the device and app, we offer secure payment options including PayPal, and Google Pay. We also accept all major credit and debit cards – but not American Express. If you like, you can save your preferred payment method in your profile and select it as needed. You can also directly pay for the titles that you’d like to rent through the various app providers including Amazon, Google Play and the App Store.

Personalized Recommendations

Every time you’re using Pantaflix, we learn a little bit more about your tastes in TV show, series and films. This is how we manage to provide personalized recommendation for you. The bookmark icon makes it easy for you to add all the titles that you’d like to watch to your wish list. You can rate your films and series at any time using the “Like” and “Dislike” buttons.

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